The Behavior Intervention Center for Children (BICC) is a research-based clinic for children with Communication, Speech and Language Disorders.
In Research work, BICC has been and continues to actively conduct research in the areas of :
1) Developmental speech and language disorders and
2) Autism spectrum disorders

Established in 1998, BICC provides a comprehensive program whose Mission is to provide the following services :

• Psychological assessment for enrolment into schools
• Diagnostic assessment
Assessment on IQ, cognition and language
One-on-one therapy sessions
Early intervention program
• Research opportunities relative to effective intervention strategies
• Outreach consultation services for families and preschools
In accordance with Ministry of Education Special Education (SPED) Schools Form Section IV to be completed by a psychologist. BICC referral letter and psychological report to MOE for the following educational provision:

• To defer entry into Primary One and to repeat K2 level for that year, based on child's psychological report.
• Application for enrolment into Primary One, based on child's psychological report.
• Application for enrolment into SPED schools, based on child's special educational needs.
• Exemption of student from mother tongue language, based on child's diagnosis and psychological report.
• Application for enrolment into overseas schools, based on child's IQ tests and report.

Tests for IQ are:
• WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, WIAT-II (academic) and Bayley-III

Tests for Speech and Language are :
• Test of Language Development 4th Edition (2008)
• Oral & Written Language Scale 2nd Edition (2011)
• Test of Pragmatic Language 2nd Edition (2008)
• Kaufman Speech Praxis Test (1995)
• Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals 4th Edition (2003)
Diagnostic Assessment for children with :
• Speech and Language Disorders
• Learning Difficulties
• Attention Spectrum Disorders
• Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tests for Diagnosis are :
• Developmental Assessment for Individual with Severe Disabilities (2012)
• Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Test 2nd Edition (2015)
• Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (2006)
Therapy hours are on weekdays only.
Therapy time-slots are 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 3pm & 4:30pm.
Assessment for Screening, IQ or Diagnosis the time-slot is on Saturday 9am.

Appointment date is required, please call or sms 9172 6767.
Our Location

Block 55, #03-65, Lorong L,

Telok Kurau Road,

Bright Center Building,

Singapore 425500

Mobile . +65 9172 6767

Office . +65 6345 6047

Email . sharul@autismbicc.com.sg

Website . www.autismbicc.com.sg

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