Curriculum Vitae of Mrs Sharul Nakhoda

Sharul Nakhoda


Senior Clinical Psychologist


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  • Masters of Social Sciences, Applied Psychology (2007) National University of Singapore, Singapore (view certificate)
  •  Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (1991)                                                 Acadia University, Canada (view certificate)

Working Experience

1  .  National University of Singapore (1992 - 1998)

Department of Social Work and Psychology

  • Research Assistant

  • Behavior Therapist

  • Published research papers on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  • Assisted in the diagnosis of children with ASD under the supervision of Dr Vera Bernard-Opitz

  • Conducted research projects on children with ASD and Special Needs

  • IQ assessment and wrote psychological reports on ASD children

  • Counselled and developed program development for children with ASD and their families

2  .  Behavioral Intervention Center for Children (1998 - present)

  • Managing Director

  • Senior Clinical Psychologist

Memberships in Professional Organizations since

  • 2007  .  Canadian Psychology Association (CPA)

  • 2007  .  American Psychology Association (APA)

  • 2007  .  Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)

Civic Duties

Has been rendering professional services as a Consultant Psychologist in a voluntary capacity to the following schools and association in Singapore:

  • Kids Empire Preschool

  • Opera Estate Primary School

  • MKAC Association

Journal Articles

Bernard-Opitz, V, Sriram, N., and Nakhoda, S. (2002)

Enhancing social problem-solving in children with autism and normal children through computer-assisted instructions, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 31, 4, 377-384.

Bernard-Opitz, V, Kwok, K.W., and Nakhoda, S. (2001)

Epidemiology of autism in Singapore, International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 24, 1-6.

Bernard-Optiz, V, Sriram, N., and Nakhoda, S. (1999)

Enhancing vocal imitations in children with autism using the IBM Speech Viewer, Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice, Vol. 3(2), 131-149.

Sharul Nakhoda. (1995)

Comparison of personal instruction and computer assisted instruction with autistic children. Autism News, March: 4-6.

Sharul Nakhoda and Bernard-Opitz, V. (1994)

Communication devices and computer software. Autism News, July: 6.

Sharul Nakhoda. (1993)

Effects of parent-training program on pragmatic behavior of autistic children. Autism News, December: 3-6.


Professional Write-up on Work Experience and Achievements

Sharul Nakhoda

Senior Clinical Psychologist,

Managing Director Of Behavioral Intervention Center for Children.

Sharul Nakhoda joined The National University of Singapore in 1992 as a Research Assistant in the Department of Social Work and Psychology. She researched and worked with clinician Dr Vera Bernard-Opitz on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Her job responsibilities included conducting research work in preschools and clinical settings to enhance social problem-solving and vocal imitation with ASD children and preschoolers, and to investigate into the epidemiology of autism in Singapore.

In the seven years (1992 - 1998) that Sharul Nakhoda had been involved in research work, the Department published three of her research papers on ASD. Her principle responsibilities were to assess the intelligent quotient of children with ASD using norm-referenced assessment tools; to assist in the diagnosis of children with ASD with a clinician psychologist; to write psychological reports; to set program development for children with ASD; and to counsel the ASD children's families.

Sharul Nakhoda has been working in both professional and voluntary capacities, helping children with Autistic Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder and children with Speech Language Impairments (SLP) and children with Motor Speech Disorders (i.e. Dysarthria) for some 15 years. She is an established and experienced professional working with such children since 1992.

Since 1998 to present, Sharul Nakhoda has started her own private practice i.e., Behavioral Intervention Centre for Children (BICC) with behaviour, communication, language and learning disorders. She has been applying the Analysis of Verbal Behaviour and Behaviour Modification methods on these children. The program in the Centre has involved applying Analysis of Verbal Behaviour and The Behaviour Modification methods on these children as part of the program in the Centre. The Verbal Behavior approach focuses on teaching specific components of Expressive Language (e.g., mands, tacts and intraverbals). The Applied Behavior Analysis approach focuses on developing new behaviours and functional skills. The Centre has consistently provided high quality services to children with Special Needs, with the main objectives of helping these children to assimilate into mainstream education and to provide counselling to their family members.

She is the Managing Director of BICC, where she is both the senior psychologist and the senior behavior therapist.

Since 1992, Sharul Nakhoda has been extensively involved in rendering the following professional services:


  • Psychological assessments

  • IQ assessments

  • One-on-One therapy

  • Counselling programs

  • Program development

  • Workshops for teachers and parents

  • Research on Communication, Pragmatic Language and Social Skills

Our Location

Block 55, #03-65, Lorong L,

Telok Kurau Road,

Bright Center Building,

Singapore 425500

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Email . sharul@autismbicc.com.sg

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