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A senior clinical psychologist will make a comprehensive assessment on the basis of an in-depth direct observation of the child at the BICC and at the school, direct interview with the parents and the school teachers of the child, detailed psycho-educational profile, detailed speech and language profile and behavior assessments of the child. Scores obtained on the comprehensive psychological profile of the child will be used to design an Individualized Educational Plan for the child.

BICC's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), is based on that specific child's needs and the symptoms being exhibited. BICC chooses to focus on one symptom at a time that the child exhibits and expresses and systematically address each symptom with a comprehensive IEP.

An IEP, which includes the short and long term goals of the program, will be discussed with the parents and the teachers. Each IEP includes direct observation, data collection, and teaching targets. Each IEP for the child is given to parents on completion of a total of 90 hours of therapy. On completion of total 90 hours of therapy, child's symptoms, speech and behavioral progress on the IEP will be verbally discussed with parents to keep them informed on the gradual improvement in their child.

The parents will also be advised on their roles in the therapeutic development of the child in the home and social settings. All communication, speech & language therapy are 2 sessions a week and one-and-a-half hour sessions which are conducted on a one-on-one basis with a senior clinical psychologist.

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