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Diagnostic and Screening Profile Report

The following clinical screening tools are used for Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Speech and Language Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Child receives extensive multi-method diagnostic assessments. Examine by a senior clinical psychologist.

The report includes the following:

Clinical Observation and School Observation of the Child

(a) School classroom observation is for a period of 1 hour

(b) Direct clinical observation at BICC is for a period of 2 hours
• Language Processing Test-3 (2005)
• Kaufman Speech Praxis Test (1995)
• Reynell Developmental Language Test (2003)
• Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Module 1 or 2 (2002)

Direct Interviews with Parents and Teachers - Questionnaires
• Child Development Inventory (2005)
• Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale (2005)
• Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (1994)
• Children's Communication Checklist-2 (2006)

Comprehensive Written Report

It is a standard practice for a comprehensive written psychological report to be ready for the client's parents 4 weeks after the completion of the clinical observation period.
The comprehensive written report details the assessment results, diagnosis, and recommendations.

Appointments for Screening  for a child is required.

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